Qlarant understands the unique problems facing the transportation industry.

In an industry based on movement, administrators and directors in transportation must constantly innovate and improve on the quality, integrity, and impact of their programs. Qlarant knows what it takes to deliver on the vitally important mission of providing services to businesses, individuals, families, and communities.

Qlarant has unmatched experience in helping agencies such as The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and The Department of Veterans Affairs optimize program quality, integrity, and performance. Talk to our experts to discover what we can do for transportation.

Trusted Expertise

Qlarant is a national leader in helping self-insured businesses and agencies address complex challenges. We have expertise in programs for health care, human services, veterans affairs, aging and disability, insurance benefit and assistance plans, entitlement programs, and beyond. For nearly 50 years, Qlarant has had success working with national-scale public and private programs like the transportation industry to deliver strong results.

We help government agencies see risks, solve problems, and seize opportunities. We offer insurance and financial services providers solutions to manage the quality, utilization, and compliance of their programs. Our work has improved results for health and human services programs across the nation.  We address challenges in areas such as intellectual and developmental disabilitiesveteran care needs, systemic health disparities, and planning for periods of local or national crisis.

We do all of this through our formula of People + Technology.

Find out how Qlarant helps self-insured businesses prepare and recover from pandemics and other natural disasters

Predictive Modeling and Data Analytics

Qlarant data scientists and technologists provide best-in-class analytics and predictive modeling solutions. We have proven experience in helping national clients gain the insights they need to identify risks, make better-informed decisions and take decisive action to optimize performance. Our data scientists are experts in analyzing complex and massive data files to identify and predict opportunities for action.

We’ve delivered analysis and actionable insights for a wide range of large-scale clients including federal agencies, state governments, and professional associations. Our RIViR™ Risk Solution Suite is a flexible, customizable, high-powered data analytics solution. The suite is built on a platform for Risk Identification, Risk Visualization, and Risk Resolution to solve the complex, real-world issues facing transportation and other self-insured programs.

Transportation leaders are often forced to make key decisions based on data from disparate sources. This can create losses in both time and accuracy. RIViR’s algorithms generate actionable results based on factual data combined from various sources to meet your specific needs all in an intuitive user interface.

Proven Solutions

Quality Improvement solutions
Qlarant has national expertise in reviewing programs and participants for compliance, utilization management, performance and outcomes. Moreover, we can provide technical assistance, meet your reporting needs and provide training to elevate your quality improvement and assurance programs.

Fraud, Waste and Abuse solutions
Qlarant subject matter experts and on-the-ground investigators use advanced data analytics to identify, visualize and resolve risks and catch bad actors that drain self-insured organizations of critical human and financial resources.

Data Sciences and Technology solutions
Qlarant technology solutions are structured to better capture and mine data, and use customized algorithms, analytics and predictive modeling to uncover vulnerabilities and take decisive action to improve your programs.

Our Solutions

Quality Improvement

For more than 45 years, Qlarant has led the way as a quality improvement innovator. Our QI solutions are at work in every state in the nation. Learn More.

Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Discover how our FWA solutions can detect, prevent, and help you take action to resolve risks — protecting resources and the people you serve. Learn More.

Data Science & Technology

Subject matter experts and data scientists make Qlarant’s technology solutions powerful, practical, and customized to work for your team, from the boardroom to the field. Learn More.

Agile Transformation

Qlarant helps organizations make the shift to an agile culture. Our certified individuals deliver assessment, coaching and training services to move your team forward. Learn More.

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