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The most powerful solutions are the ones your teams can put to work quickly and easily. The Qlarant Risk Visualization solution — part of the RIViR® Risk Solutions Suite — allows your team to discover and interpret findings, and rapidly implement changes. Its User Interface was designed to present data clearly, for the most meaningful interpretation and action.

RIViR Vertical LogoRIViR information is easy to navigate and presented effectively, with clean, contemporary graphics. Maps, charts, tables — all are arranged to help you to review the most important information quickly and clearly.

RIViR was developed and designed to be intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use. With a minimal amount of training, your team will be up and running, interpreting data and uncovering risks.

The Qlarant Risk Visualization solution easily integrates with a variety of datasets. It’s tailor made for clients who want to do simple, visual data discovery. And our interface works well for clients who have their own risk identification toolsets. It also integrates with third-party business intelligence tools, complementing what you may already have in place.

Risk Visualization can be used separately or as part of our RIViR Risk Solutions Suite — including Risk Identification and Risk Resolution — for powerful and effective analytics that deliver results.  Quality. Clarity. Opportunity. Learn more about RIViR.

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