PLATO™ and the RIViR™ Risk Solutions Suite.
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The PLATO Predictive Modeling Solution:

PLATO, our predictive modeling solution, is a powerful, self-learning analytics program that can tame massive amounts of data. It sifts through billions of claims and public records to detect anomalies and alert teams for quick action. It’s scalable, extendable and easily integrates with your existing enterprise data systems. Plato can be customized to meet your specific needs. It’s also easy to use — no lengthy training or complicated manuals are needed.

The PLATO risk scoring and dashboard features provide meaningful data to help you spot inefficiencies and risks, inform policy, and improve practice. Dashboards continuously show new vulnerabilities, based on streaming data from public sources. Patterns are expertly analyzed by specialty, geography, and more.  Quality. Clarity. Opportunity.TM

PLATO is a proven platform. It’s been implemented and used successfully time and time again by national and state agencies to meet complex data analytic and predictive modeling needs.

The RIViR Risk Solution Suite — Risk Identification, Visualization and Resolution:

The RIViR Risk Solutions Suite is a high-powered data analytics solution. It’s flexible, customizable and easily integrates with your third-party systems. RIViR is also designed to be easy to use and receives regular updates so that your organization is always at the forefront of risk management. The suite includes these solutions:

  • Risk Identification — Discover risks before they become problems. This powerful resource allows you to access pre-packaged, configurable libraries of risk factors and analyze your data for fraud, waste, and abuse, returning highly-reliable information.
  • Risk Visualization — See the risks, not just the data. Maps, charts, graphics and information are designed so that your teams can review the most important information quickly and clearly — for the most meaningful interpretation and action.
  • Risk Resolution — Put intelligent tools into the hands of people resolving the risks. These easy-to-use web and mobile applications can identify courses of action, guide workflows and prioritize tasks for the most efficient approach.

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