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Pharmacist in PharmacyWe understand the critical role the pharmaceutical industry plays in ensuring patients receive safe, effective, and affordable medications. That’s why we offer comprehensive Pharmacy Solutions designed to safeguard the integrity, efficiency, and compliance standards of the industry.

Our talented experts include pharmacists, physicians, nurses, data scientists, policy analysts, certified public accountants, and attorneys. They come from a wide range of backgrounds including clinical, managed care, the pharmaceutical industry, and pharmacy benefit managers (PBM). Our nationally recognized leaders have the background and reach to become key partners in drug pricing negotiations and navigating multiple payer systems in the commercial and government sectors.

Our Pharmacy Solutions

  • Advanced Data Analytics:

    Utilizing our mastery knowledge of public and private data systems, drug sources (e.g., FDA’s Orange Book, Micromedex®, First Databank®, the Red Book®, and HCIdea®), and national healthcare program policies and procedures, our team has developed hundreds of proactive data analytic solutions. This includes analyzing and monitoring drug utilization patterns that allow Part D plan sponsors to act and respond rapidly to changes in the pharmaceutical marketplace, as well as identifying and analyzing outlier drugs whose pricing is artificially inflated or manipulated by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

    Qlarant has implemented AI, ML, and NLP techniques to identify aberrant billing and utilization patterns in the prescription drug program. The result: direct costs savings to our clients, improved fiscal integrity of pharmacy programs, and identification of fraudulent prescribers, dispensers, and manufacturers.

  • People + Technology:

    At Qlarant, we believe in the power of combining human expertise with cutting-edge technology. Our Pharmacy Solutions leverage people plus technology to deliver unparalleled results, ensuring a resilient and secure relationship between the industry and regulators.

  • Actionable Reporting:

    We believe in delivering insights that drive meaningful outcomes. Our reporting tools provide comprehensive dashboards and customizable reports, enabling informed decisions and timely actions to protect patients and businesses.

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  • Policy Support and Consulting:

    Qlarant offers expert policy support and consulting services to help navigate a complex regulatory landscape and stay ahead of evolving compliance requirements. Our team of industry experts works closely with you to develop tailored strategies and implement best practices that promote program integrity and sustainability.

  • Program Integrity:

    Our solutions focus on enhancing the integrity of the pharmaceutical industry by mitigating risks associated with drug pricing, as well as fraud, waste & abuse issues such as improper benefit payment, cost manipulation, drug diversion, and improper prescribing/dispensing practices. By leveraging advanced technologies, we enable payers to identify and address vulnerabilities within their processes, ensuring the delivery of quality medications and care to patients while maintaining the fiscal and program integrity of their program.

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