Combining human expertise with technology solutions for human services.

Human services organizations are on the front lines of meeting the growing and complex needs of underserved and vulnerable populations — addressing challenges such as chronic conditions, intellectual and developmental disabilities, veteran care needs, the effects of aging, systemic health disparities, and more.

Administrators and program directors must cope with ever-changing policy decisions, the pressure of doing more with fewer dollars and the shift to expand home and community-based care and services. They also must demonstrate real-world results in quality of delivery and return on investment.

Here are just a few of the ways Qlarant can make a difference for your organization:

A national leader in QI
Qlarant has a superior track record of reviewing and enhancing compliance and quality, using evidence-based practices to improve outcomes. Analytics and visualization tools can help you determine what’s working, what’s not and where to focus resources for action and optimization.

Person-centered reviews
The Qlarant team is expert in working directly with individuals and special populations across all environments to discover how services are delivered and how to best improve recipients’ quality of life. We can offer your team advanced person-centered training.

Detecting and investigating fraud, waste and abuse
Our subject matter experts, on-the-ground investigators and data analysts identify and resolve risks — helping you take action against fraudulent activity and inefficiencies that threaten your financial viability and reputation.

Put Qlarant’s unsurpassed experience to work to improve your program’s quality, integrity, and performance — and the quality of life for those you serve. Discover what we can do for you.


Our Solutions

Quality Improvement

For more than 50 years, Qlarant has led the way as a quality improvement innovator. Our QI and national high reliability experience solutions are at work in every state in the nation. Learn More.

Data Science & Technology

Subject matter experts and data scientists make Qlarant’s technology solutions powerful, practical, and customized to work for your team, from the boardroom to the field. Learn More.

Qlarant Capital

Qlarant Capital is bringing its expertise and collaborative approach to fund and strengthen selected early stage start-ups.

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