RIViRĀ® Risk Solutions – Find it. Define it. Fix it.ā„¢

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Leaders often make key decisions based on data from disparate sources causing data to have to be manually moved from application to application. This can create losses in both time and accuracy. Our carefully crafted algorithms designed and implemented by our industry-leading data scientists generate meaningful results based on data from various sources to meet your specific needs. Our risk solutions can be applied in virtually any industry and eliminate redundancies all while reducing the likelihood of errors. Fewer errors means reduced costs and higher value.

RIViR Risk Solutions use high-powered, artificially intelligent, data analytics to identify risk and guide users to meaningful resolutions. The flexible, customized solutions provided by our data risk experts ensure that your organization is always at the forefront of risk management. Our software easily integrates with your existing third-party systems and is designed to be easy to use. RIViR Risk Solutions meet the needs of data scientists, data analysts, domain experts, managers, executives, quality assurance teams, system admins, policy analysts, financial reviewers, auditors, and business process improvement staff. RIViR by Qlarant provides fully customizable options for Fraud, Waste, and Abuse, Quality Improvement, and case management in many other applications.

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3 Modules – One Solution.Ā 

RIViR Risk Solutions are provided through use of our proprietary RIViRĀ® risk software platform. The platform is comprised of three modules that work in tandem to produce refined data and actionable results. The Risk Identification module provides access to configurable libraries of risk factors called Nerdy AlgorithmsĀ®. These algorithms find problems and identify outliers and risks in massive amounts of data. The Visualization module provides quick-process summaries to help you see risks through maps, charts, and other graphics. This enables Qlarant to guide you with defined, clear, and comprehensive risk assessment data you can use. Our Resolution module translates your information into guided workflows that power your courses of action to mitigate risks and fix problems you didn’t even know were there. Find it. Define it. Fix it.


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RIViRĀ® Presents QUiKCHECK – Program Assessment Scan

QUiCKCHECK utilizes nationally-proven models to detect fraud patterns, improper billing, inappropriate relationships, and schemes. It identifies risks, which adversely affect program participants and stakeholders and deplete the funds intended for our most vulnerable populations.

QUiCKCHECK provides general information on areas of interest to your organization and offers suggested next steps for resolution and deterrence.

RIViR Solutions provide everything you need

From Proof of Concept (PoC) effortsā€”to long-term engagement, we work with our customers to create algorithms, machine learning models, visualizations, dashboards, and workflow management functions tailored to their specifications.

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RIViR Solutions include:

  • Development of custom Nerdy AlgorithmsĀ®
  • Development of customized visualizations
  • Development of customized Course of Action workflows
  • Business process engineering to support effective implementation
  • Training for use of RIViR techniques
  • Integration with existing systems and data sources

Contact us to discuss RIViR Risk Solutions today and put our powerful resources to work for you.Ā  Letā€™s talk about how we can inform your decisions and optimize your programs.

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