National recognition. Local commitment.

Qlarant is nationally recognized for supporting quality management systems that deliver services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our special expertise is in quality improvement and assurance for state programs — establishing provider performance standards and person-centered data collection solutions that drive better service and outcomes.

Our highly-trained team uses state-specific tools and methodologies to gather information from individuals and provider performance information that supports your reporting needs. We go where we need to go for the best review, meeting face-to-face with individuals in their preferred environments and on site with providers.


We perform extensive medical reviews, claims reviews and utilization reviews. We also help stakeholders and decision makers put key data to work by providing monthly, quarterly and annual analysis and reporting, and by facilitating local and statewide Quality Improvement Councils.

Currently, Qlarant works closely with Florida, Georgia, and the District of Columbia to meet quality management and oversight requirements. While every contract is customized, our services include person-centered reviews, provider reviews, ongoing monitoring, data analysis and reporting, root cause analysis, action plan development, training and education.

Our people are dedicated and passionate about improving your programs — and improving the lives of others. Our team actively supports individuals’ rights, choice, full inclusion, health and safety, respect and dignity, and satisfaction with services.  Quality. Clarity. Opportunity.TM

Disability Services

  • Person-Centered Reviews

    The Qlarant team conducts in-depth, face-to-face interviews with people receiving services, and observes the delivery environment — to make sure individuals are in control of the services they receive. We address individuals’ rights, choice, full inclusion, health and safety, respect and dignity, and satisfaction with services and supports. These are all values that our Qlarant team actively promotes.

  • Provider Reviews and Interviews

    We review provider capacity, record reviews (including claims), and interview employees.
    This, together with information gathered from our person-centered reviews, gives us a 360-degree understanding of the strengths and deficiencies of the service delivery system at the individual, provider and statewide levels.

  • Technical Assistance

    You can rely on Qlarant subject matter experts and technical support staff to plan, implement and monitor quality management initiatives and work with providers — all designed to help organizations deliver effective solutions.

  • Training and Education

    We offer training for a variety of audiences and purposes, to help you rapidly implement new programs and best practices. The customized websites we develop for states serve as educational resources for individuals, families, providers, and state personnel — designed to help them access instruments, review findings, key resources and pertinent information for training and other quality management initiatives.

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