Helping to improve the health of individuals and communities.

Our organization was founded 50 years ago to improve health care and human services for all. That important work continues today. As a not-for-profit, Qlarant Foundation remains focused on reinvesting in our people and resources to better support our clients’ missions — rather than be beholden to stockholders.

Workers assemble a ramp at Bay Hundred Community Volunteers
Workers assemble a ramp at Bay Hundred Community Volunteers

Grants and funding. Because we are committed to improving health, Qlarant Foundation provides charitable grants to organizations in Maryland and the District of Columbia seeking to improve health equity, awarding grants up to $50,000 per organization annually. We prioritize grants based on a project’s potential to improve access to care and quality of health services for individuals and communities.

See our Applications section below for more information on applying for our grants.

Our 2024 Grant Application acceptance period is now closed. See below for a downloadable list of the application questions to prepare for our 2025 program.


Grants and Grantees

Current Grantees – Grantees awarded funds in 2024.

Grantees From Previous Years – Check out our grantees from previous years.


Our 2024 Grant Application acceptance period is now closed. See below for a downloadable list of the application questions to prepare for our 2024 program.

  • Valid 501(c) EIN, Contact person’s name, number and email, Name of program to be funded, Amount requested
  • Information from other documents can be cut and pasted onto the electronic application.
  • A partially completed application cannot be saved and completed at a later date. However, you may copy and paste into the online form from a Word document. Click here for a complete list of the 2024 form requirements in Word Doc format. Please note that the 2025 form may include additional or updated requirements. 
  • All fields must be completed in the online form for the application to be forwarded to the Qlarant Foundation.
  • Financial data in hard copy will be requested after submitting the form if your application has made it to the final review level. You will have about 10 days to submit 3 copies of your Form 990 and 3 copies of the summary from your auditor’s report, 3 copies of the management letter or 3 copies of the financial statements. In lieu of hard copies, you may email these documents in .pdf format to Lisa Blanchfield.
  • Successful applicants for the 2024 program will be notified in early June 2024.

Questions about the proposal process can be addressed to:

Lisa Blanchfield
(410) 763-6204

The Qlarant Foundation is the mission arm of Qlarant, a company with 50 years of experience in improving quality in organizations – and the quality of life for the people they serve.

Qlarant Foundation awards grants to eligible nonprofit organizations that work to improve healthcare for individuals and communities through measurable outcome improvement projects. These projects include service, demonstration, education and clinical programs producing high-impact results on health outcomes. Funding is prioritized based on a project’s potential impact on healthcare improvements and access for individuals and communities, particularly the uninsured and under-served population.


Award Size and Duration
Customarily, grant awards are for one year with the potential for additional funding in subsequent years. These awards may be up to $50,000. Funds are released on a periodic basis and reports must be submitted and approved before checks are issued.


Dr. Sheldon Goldgeier Award
To honor the memory of our long-time board members and supporters, Dr. Sheldon Goldgeier and Mrs. Myra Goldgeier, we wish to set aside one grant for pulmonary issues. Therefore, this RFP is also specifically soliciting proposals for a program particular to pulmonary and/or lung disease, i.e., but not limited to smoking cessation, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. A high priority will be given to applications that reach these underserved populations.

Applicants must be from Maryland or the District of Columbia. All organizations with current 501(c)(3) status focused on improving the health of individuals through measurable outcome goals at the community level are encouraged to apply. Examples of organizations that may apply for funding are:

  • Faith-based
  • Hospital/provider/clinic
  • Educational institution
  • Community service

Our focus is on a program that demonstrates improved health care quality with clear goals and measurable outcomes. Priority areas include programs that:

  • Improve access to health care services to the unserved and under-served
  • Improve understanding of health issues
  • Demonstrate improvement through measurable outcomes of stated goals

Types of programs the Qlarant Foundation might fund include those that:

  • Improve healthy lifestyles and quality of life
  • Increase access to culturally and linguistically appropriate care
  • Implement consumer centered care and decision making
  • Improve dissemination of education and health related information
  • Improve patient safety

Qlarant Foundation will not fund:

  • Reimbursable direct patient care services
  • Facility construction/remodeling of facilities
  • Lobbying
  • Fundraising activities

Our 2024 Grant Application window is now closed. 

Questions about the grant application process can be addressed to:
Lisa Blanchfield
(410) 763-6204

Qlarant Foundation Progress Report Form

Progress Report Form Instructions

The Progress Report form is purposed to assist current grantees in reporting quarterly progress to the Qlarant Foundation. The reports should be complete and should include:

  • Project goals, how they were measured, and an evaluation of your performance against them
  • Any identified deviations from your project plan
  • Any identified barriers to completing the project
  • A detailed financial report in the format described on the reporting form


Questions about the progress reporting requirements can be addressed to:
Lisa Blanchfield
(410) 763-6204

Qlarant Grant Agreement

Questions about the grant agreement requirements can be addressed to:
Lisa Blanchfield
(410) 763-6204