National experts and local support combine to create better insights and results.

Utilization keeps rising. So do costs. Organizations and agencies need to be more effective with the same resources. Qlarant experts know how to help. We have proven expertise in working with large scale federal and state aging programs. We also know how to work on the ground ‚ÄĒ in homes, facilities and communities ‚ÄĒ and communicate person-to-person to achieve real-world results.

For our person-centered reviews, we go where care is delivered to uncover opportunities and help you drive improvement. Our trained staff works on patients’ and providers’ schedules to make the process easy. Interview environments are individualized to account for different communication styles and needs.

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Qlarant has vast experience working successfully with agencies and networks on aging solutions:

NCI-AD:¬† We work as a member of the National Core Indicator‚ÄďAging and Disabilities (NCI-AD) network. As part of this organization, we specialize in collecting person-centered data from individuals served by Aging and Disabilities agencies.

We meet with people receiving state or waiver-funded supports and services to gather experiences and opinions. Through personal interviews and observations, our professionals identify satisfaction with services, capture comparison data, compile, analyze and report findings.

As a result, our clients can better understand what’s working, optimize performance, meet quality assurance requirements and be more cost-efficient. And because we’re recognized as a QIO-like organization for CMS, states can generally obtain a federal match for using our quality improvement-related activities.

LONG TERM CARE SUPPORT SERVICES: Qlarant has been an active participant in the health care community ‚ÄĒ conducting comprehensive face-to-face assessments to determine if¬† beneficiaries with a chronic illness or disability are eligible for long term care.

As a result of our efforts, we have developed better processes, implemented new systems, and added new subcontractor RNs.

Qlarant works to foster better quality of care for populations including our elderly. We work with teams of providers to:

  • Reduce the potential of adverse drug events with older patients with multiple conditions
  • Minimize the use of physical restraints, prevent/heal ulcers in nursing homes
  • Reduce cardiac risk factors in a collaborative effort with 20 clinical offices
  • Lower re-hospitalization rates

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