Qlarant helps you see risks and seize opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Insurance and financial services continue to face complex challenges: ever-increasing regulatory and compliance requirements, the proliferation of big data and enabling technologies, the growing threats of fraud and cybercrime. Not to mention the vital business of balancing customer satisfaction and profitability.

Qlarant has a superior track record of improving the quality and integrity of services delivered to customers, beneficiaries and members — while protecting a company’s resources and creating opportunities for a stronger bottom line.

Improving quality from every angle
Whether it’s utilization management, claims and records reviews, compliance audits or quality assurance assessments, Qlarant uses processes and methodologies proven over 45 years to help measure and optimize all facets of program performance — with accreditations and national recognition in quality improvement.

Attacking fraud, waste and abuse
Qlarant’s subject matter experts, on-the-ground investigators and data analysts know how to uncover risks and take action against fraudsters or cybercriminals who threaten your financial well-being and corporate reputation. Our nationally-renowned investigators are called on to provide expert testimony with superior results.

Harnessing innovative data sciences and technology
Qlarant’s powerful analytics solutions sift through billions of records to help you identify, visualize and respond to risks.  Our predictive modeling and advanced algorithms give you unmatched insight and the ability to make better real-time decisions. Our solutions easily integrate with enterprise data systems.

Leverage Qlarant’s expertise to help your organization optimize program quality, integrity and performance. Talk to our experts in insurance and financial services.

Our Solutions

Quality Improvement

For more than 50 years, Qlarant has led the way as a quality improvement innovator. Our QI and national high reliability experience solutions are at work in every state in the nation. Learn More.

Data Science & Technology

Subject matter experts and data scientists make Qlarant’s technology solutions powerful, practical, and customized to work for your team, from the boardroom to the field. Learn More.

Qlarant Capital

Qlarant Capital is bringing its expertise and collaborative approach to fund and strengthen selected early stage start-ups.

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