We investigate every angle to uncover and resolve your risks.

The Qlarant investigation team consists of former federal law enforcement officers experienced in investigative techniques that successfully uncover fraud, waste, and abuse for prosecution. We’re unmatched in experience when it comes to fraud investigations using predictive modeling. We stay ahead of the industry and ahead of bad actors.

Our expertise comes from fifteen years of on-the-ground experience in investigation.

With our expertise in law enforcement, our team can actively and authoritatively document and present cases, with case summaries, written reports, and referral pages for cases provided to law enforcement for criminal or civil action.

We also know how to manage your investigation to make it easiest for you. Our state mapping tool provides key metric information by state. It’s an easy-to-use reference tool published on a communication site custom built for each client. All program information is in one location for research and use in investigation audits. This case management system ensures that support for findings are organized and stored in a manner consistent with legal mandates and readily retrievable when needed.

Finally, with our boots-on-the-ground “Jump Teams,” we can investigate the worst potential offenders quickly and efficiently using advanced mobile devices — augmenting your own staff.

Put people with advanced knowledge and industry expertise on your investigation. Talk to us about what we can uncover for you.

Investigation Services

  • Complaint Monitoring

    We have full-service call center expertise, including intake, state-of-the-art analytics, triage, tracking systems and the ability to investigate complaints. Our thoroughly documented work-products are maintained in a secure environment and readily retrievable for any business need.

  • Clinical Reviews

    We perform record reviews to identify issues in billing, compliance, fraud, waste and abuse, and quality of care within state criteria. Our reviews are focused to reach a successful conclusion efficiently, without compromising quality.

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