Qlarant – Experts in identifying and investigating Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.

Administrators and directors must constantly innovate and improve on the quality, integrity, and impact of their programs. As Americans lose their jobs in record numbers, bad actors see unemployment fraud as an opportunity to take advantage. Qlarant knows what it takes to identify fraudsters and sustain program integrity allowing leaders to deliver on the vitally important mission of providing services to businesses, individuals, families, and communities.

Qlarant has proven experience in helping national agencies with our Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Solutions. Talk to our experts to discover what we can do for your organization.

Trusted Expertise

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Qlarant can help identify and investigate bad actors.

Qlarant is a national leader in developing solutions that assist businesses and agencies address the complex challenges associated with fraud, waste, and abuse. Our team of hundreds of subject matter experts analyze data, discover potential vulnerabilities, and recommend courses of action to mitigate your risk. We can address every aspect of the problem with data and claims analysts, data scientists, and more than 100 skilled fraud investigators. For nearly 50 years, Qlarant has had success working with national-scale programs to deliver strong results.

We help government agencies see risks, solve problems, and seize opportunities. Our work has improved results for health and human services programs across the nation and we address challenges in areas such as intellectual and developmental disabilities, systemic health disparities, and planning for periods of local or national crisis.

We do all of this through our formula of People + Technology.

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Predictive Modeling and Data Analytics

Qlarant data scientists and technologists provide best-in-class analytics and predictive modeling solutions. We have proven experience in helping national clients gain the insights they need to identify risks, make better-informed decisions and take decisive action to optimize performance. Our data scientists are experts in analyzing complex and massive data files to identify and predict opportunities for action.

RIViR Vertical LogoWe’ve delivered analysis and actionable insights for a wide range of large-scale clients including federal agencies, state governments, and professional associations. Our approach uses a flexible, customizable, high-powered data analytics solution. We have our own RIViR Risk Solution Suite of software for Risk Identification, Risk Visualization, and Risk Resolution to solve the complex, real-world issues facing large government and other programs. We also can work with existing customer tools already purchased if that is the preferred approach.

Proven Solutions

Fraud, Waste and Abuse solutions
Qlarant subject matter experts and on-the-ground investigators use advanced data analytics to identify, visualize and resolve risks and catch bad actors that drain self-insured organizations of critical human and financial resources.

white padlock over spotlight circle over data code backgroundData Sciences and Technology solutions
Qlarant technology solutions are structured to better capture and mine data, and use customized algorithms, analytics and predictive modeling to uncover vulnerabilities and take decisive action to improve your programs.

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