The History of Qlarant:
Quality. Clarity. Opportunity.™

For 45 years, our history has been rooted in commitment to quality improvement for organizations — and quality of life for the people they serve.

We began as Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care in 1973 on Maryland’s Eastern Shore as one of the country’s first quality review organizations for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.  Through the decades, we created entities that became nationally known, including Delmarva Foundation, Health Integrity and Quality Health Strategies.

Today, we’ve brought together these extensive resources and the expertise of more than 500 professionals under one brand — Qlarant — serving some of our nation’s most important programs in health, human services, government and insurance & financial services.



Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care, Inc. is created as a Professional Standards Review Organization (PSRO), a not-for-profit organization on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Committed to improving the quality, safety and equitability of health care.


Quality Health Foundation is created to provide grants and awards for organizations to continue work consistent with Delmarva Foundation’s mission.


Health Integrity, LLC is created to provide national program integrity for Medicare and Medicaid.


Quality Health Strategies, Inc. is created as a holding company to provide oversight and support.


Welcome to Qlarant, bringing together the powerful resources of Delmarva FoundationHealth IntegrityQuality Health Strategies and Quality Health Foundation into a single brand— to help you see risks, solve problems and seize opportunities.

Today, we’re proud to deliver our solutions for Fraud, Waste & Abuse, Quality Improvement, Data Sciences & Technology, and Agile Transformation under the Qlarant name.

Qlarant Quality Commitment

Qlarant Integrity Solutions—committed to protecting the fiscal and clinical integrity of healthcare systems in the communities it serves and will consistently meet or exceed customers’ requirements and expectations for quality, performance, timeliness, and cost of services.

Qlarant Quality Solutions—exists to improve the quality of healthcare. Our vision is to be the organization of choice in delivering value with data analytics and innovative techniques that improve health service and programs; our mission is creating solutions to transform health.

Quality Policy— to exceed customers’ expectations for quality, performance, timeliness, and
cost of services by continually improving in order to deliver superior quality products.

Communicating effectively with customers to meet or exceed requirements and ensure that deliverables are timely 100% of the time and early whenever possible.


The Quality Policy and Quality Objectives form the foundation of our Quality Management System, establish our quality commitment, and guide our efforts to ensure fulfillment of our vision.

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