Data analysis and reporting that guides you to improved value based performance.

With value based care solutions from Qlarant, expect evidence-based insights and business intelligence to improve program quality and guide you in identifying and managing wasteful spending.

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Qlarant is one of the most trusted and valued service providers in our industry. Our experts have advanced degrees in statistics, sociology, business administration, biostatistics/epidemiology, and advanced SAS Certification. We know how to mine through massive data sets such as national survey data, Medicaid/Medicare claims, encounter data and complex relational databases — to identify trends and problems that will better inform your decision-making and boost efficacy and efficiency.

We also customize solutions for your exact needs.

  • Identify cost/benefits (ROI) early in the program
  • Fast, actionable, undeniable, and reportable results
  • Easy to use, effective, and applicable software
  • Data supported guidance for quick actions and decisions.
  • Compounding data for current and future procedures

Qlarant advisors can also support changes in provider culture to focus on wasteful spending designed to minimize overuse and underuse. In addition, Qlarant provides valuable evidence-based reports for our clients such as quality improvement studies, quality focus studies, quarterly/annual reports, ad hoc reports and economic impact studies.

Quality. Clarity. Opportunity.TM 

Qlarant makes data analytics and reporting easy. Talk to us about how we can put our data sciences and technology to work for the quality improvement solutions you need.

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We know you need to reduce wasteful spending and identify trends that are detrimental to patient outcomes. RIViR TM is an artificially intelligent, population management software solution that leverages the knowledge of experts to create actionable business intelligence. RIViR applies Nerdy Algorithms TM to client-side data sources as well as Qlarant’s own data sets to surpass traditional analytics toolsets. Designed with three platforms, RIViR analyzes data, provided visual insight of the data, and  contains a built-in integratedcase management system that guides workers through the processes that positively influence performance goals. RIViR provides these features and benefits in one, easy-to-use system.

There are many database programs available, but most only ‘gather and report’.  Organizations are often at a loss of what to do with the information they have and how to apply it to improve their situations. By using people + technology to solve problems, RIViR guides users in applying data to current issues.

While many focus on value-added programs and ‘high touch’ service, we know that applying the data to improve results is paramount to success. By using RIViR, organizations can identify outliers that exhibit wasteful spending trends.  Once identified, RIViR enables solutions to reverse these trends, resulting in better health care outcomes for patients plus reductions in care costs.

Find out how RIViR can help your organization.

  • Easy, customized programs
  • Subject Matter Experts + Data Analytics
  • Smart learning
  • “Boots on the ground” support
  • Ability to read and analyze millions of data points
  • Three tools in one – Risk Identification, Visualization, and Resolution
  • Substantial ROI focused results
  • Policy and process improvement focused
  • Custom workflows designed for your system
  • Seamless integration with other technologies and data sources
  • Easy to use report creation

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