Bad actors exploit pandemics for their own gain. We stop them.

Whether it is H1N1, COVID-19, pandemics, or other disasters, fear and uncertainty arise quickly. And so does fraud. Fraudsters and other bad actors use the chaos to profit.

Scams to capitalize on the instability of viral pandemics include websites with false information and products claiming to treat the current situation, phony social media fundraisers, telehealth and pharmacy scams, and laboratory testing schemes.

We stay ahead of the curve and bad actors.

Qlarant actively and authoritatively documents and presents cases, with case summaries, written reports, and referral pages for cases provided to law enforcement for criminal or civil action.

You want experts with advanced knowledge and industry expertise involved with your pandemic fraud investigations and resolutions. Talk to us about what we can uncover for you.


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Pandemic Fraud Investigation Services

  • Complaint Monitoring

    We have full-service call center expertise, including intake, state-of-the-art analytics, triage, tracking systems and the ability to investigate complaints. Our thoroughly documented work-products are maintained in a secure environment and readily retrievable for any business need.

  • Predictive Modeling and Data Analytics

    Qlarant utilizes quantitative and qualitative analytics to detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. Our data analytics and predictive modeling tools were created based on our extensive experience working with states and federal agencies to battle fraud.

  • Investigations

    Qlarant offers leading-edge proactive and reactive criminal, civil, and internal investigations. Our predictive technology solutions give us a head start by identifying risks. Our subject matter experts help us know where to look, and our “Jump Teams” can rapidly investigate potential offenders quickly.

  • Medical & Claims Reviews

    Uncover risks. Protect your organization. Save money. Team up with Qlarant for medical and pharmacy record reviews — to explore and detect billing, compliance, quality of care, and fraud, waste, and abuse issues. Our people know where and how to look effectively. Our process is focused on reaching a successful conclusion effectively without compromising the quality of the review.

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