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The RIViR Risk Platform is a high-powered, artificially intelligent, data analytics software solution. It’s flexible, customizable, intuitive, and easily integrates with third-party systems. RIViR is designed to be easy to implement and receives regular updates so that your organization is always at the forefront of risk management. RIViR meets the needs of data scientists, data analysts, domain experts, managers, executives, quality assurance teams, system admins, policy analysts, financial reviewers, auditors and business process improvement staff. RIViR is customizable for Fraud, Waste, and Abuse, Quality Improvement, and case management in many other applications.

Leaders often make key decisions based on data from disparate sources causing data to have to be manually moved from application to application. This can create losses in both time and accuracy. RIViR’s carefully crafted algorithms find connections, combine data, and process multiple data pipelines to help define possible risks. RIViR allows accurate measurement of impacts of actions on OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and is customizable and flexible enough to adapt to virtually any industry – eliminating redundancies and reducing the likelihood of errors. Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics empower you find risks and resolve them enabling quantitative and qualitative improvements.

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3 Modules – One Solution.

RIViR is comprised of three modules that work in tandem to produce refined data and actionable results. The Risk Identification module provides you with the ability to create configurable libraries of risk factors. The Visualization module provides quick, easy-to-view summaries of each program’s status, visual representations of performance, boosting risk assessment. The Resolution module translates your data into direct, specific, targeted steps enabling your users to take immediate action to mitigate risks.


Letters R and I inside the Qlarant viewfinder logoRisk Identification — Discover risks before they become problems. This powerful resource allows you to access pre-packaged, configurable libraries or to create your own algorithms to identify risk factors and analyze your data for risk, fraud, waste, and abuse.

  • Easily integrates with third-party systems and client claims processing systems
  • Can be used in real-time or batch processing
  • Includes regular updates
  • Accurate and reliable outcomes

When grouping together RIViR’s configurable risk factors by category, they enable you to analyze data for risks and return highly-reliable information. A Nerdy Algorithm® is the combination of an algorithm, its recommended visualizations, and a recommended Course of Action (or workflow) used to address items discovered by that algorithm. A Nerd Herd® is a collection of Nerdy Algorithms bundled together to address a common theme or industry space. In most instances, you can specify the algorithms to include in a Nerd Herd to tailor them to your specific needs. Its flexibility enables access across a broad user base and it is great for utilizing data warehouses with disparate data sources.


The letters V and lower case i inside the Qlarant viewfinder logoRisk Visualization — See the risks, not just the data. Maps, charts, graphics and information are designed so that you can provide your teams with the most important information quickly and clearly — for the most meaningful interpretation and action.

  • Intuitive design
  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Customizable

RIViR’s GUI offers you an intuitive design to present your data clearly for the most meaningful interpretation and action. Our maps, charts, graphics, and information are arranged in a way that allows you to review the most important information quickly and clearly. With a minimum amount of training, your team will be up and running—interpreting data and detecting potential risks. Information is presented to allow your team to work with clean, contemporary graphics, easy navigation, and effective presentation of data and tables. RIViR currently provides direct integration with Tableau and Izenda business intelligence and visualization tools. It contains a visualization repository where users are able to search, view, and re-publish visualizations for similar problems.


The letter R inside Qlarant's viewfinder logoRisk Resolution — Put intelligent tools into the hands of people resolving the risks. RIViR’s easy-to-use web and mobile applications can identify courses of action, guide workflows and prioritize tasks for the most efficient approach.

  • Helps prioritize and organize for the most efficient approach
  • A unique approach to task management and mobile data collection

RIViR’s Resolution module provides intuitive web and mobile integrated applications that help resolve risks through guided workflows and identifying courses of action. It provides enhanced capabilities to measure and communicate multiple KPIs. RIViR transforms the way organizations operate. The Resolution module intelligently delivers a course of action for each identified input and puts it in the hands of the users who can take action on the information. RIViR’s workflow management system has been developed to support the needs of end users with varying degrees of technical literacy. It’s easy, intuitive, and customizable. It is perfect for anyone with a need to resolve identified risks, prioritize data, and streamline workflows.

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