Pandemics, Hurricanes, and Fires Happen.

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flooded roadWhether it is Covid-19 coronavirus, fires, floods, hurricanes, or other disasters, fear and uncertainty arise quickly. Qlarant prepares your organization for when the next crisis unfolds. Our subject matter experts will ensure you’re ready for what’s next. We provide options that will enable you to reduce overpayments, provide oversight, and deliver benefits for your self-insured employee health program.

Our crisis solutions are built using a powerful combination of 50 years of experience in quality improvement, auditing, investigations, and cutting edge predictive analytics.  Solutions are available to lighten the load while our program and tech support get your customers’ issues resolved. Discover all of the services and solutions we offer to make disasters less disruptive to your organization.


train tracks at a depotQlarant data scientists provide best-in-class analytics and predictive modeling solutions. We have proven experience in helping national clients gain the insights they need to identify risks, make better-informed decisions, and take decisive action. Our subject matter experts analyze data with a critical eye to inform the optimal development of robust algorithms, making them highly accurate. The RIViR™ Risk Solutions Suite is our artificially intelligent, analytics software solution comprised of three modules that work in tandem to produce refined data and actionable results.

Claims Review

locomotiveTeam up with Qlarant for medical and pharmacy record reviews — to explore and detect billing, compliance, quality of care, and fraud, waste, and abuse issues. We’re experts in collaborating to assure correct payments, identifying potential fraud and overpayments, and reviewing for claim invalidity based upon misrepresentation of services.

Behavioral Health

Qlarant offers a range of solutions for programs supporting individuals with mental illness, substance use disorders and co-occurring conditions. All of which are likely to need increased resources during a crisis. Qlarant helps behavioral health organizations, accountable care organizations, federal,state, and local government programs, transportation companies, as well as behavioral health service providers and payers address the significant challenges being faced today.


tornado damaged buildings and police carThe time to learn about risks is before they become problems. Qlarant audits give your organization advance warning and the opportunity to resolve issues before they occur. Our auditing team made up of a large complement of Certified Fraud Examiners works closely with your organization to provide comprehensive reviews that meet your requirements. Qlarant is approved to perform audits under the auspices of the U. S. Government Accountability Office’s Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) or Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) as set forth by the Auditing Standards Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).


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At Qlarant, it’s people + technology that makes the difference. Our team of data scientists and subject matter experts know how to put cutting edge analytics to work to drive crisis preparation initiatives and solve your crisis related problems. We produce reliable, valuable, evidence-based reports you can count on to show you the way forward.

Quality Improvement

Our subject matter experts are the best in the industry — with expertise to identify what’s working, what’s not, and opportunities for improvement. Our powerful technology sifts through massive data sets to perform highly complex assessments of multiple programs and providers. Take decisive action, create a positive impact and sustain the gains.

 Training/Program Support

Qlarant experts can train your staff in investigations, audits and data analytics. Use our pre-built training platform or have a solution customized for your needs. Our people can come to you, you can train at our facilities, and we offer full webinar support. We have training centers in Texas, Florida, and Maryland.


Call Center Support

women on phoneQlarant delivers full-service call center capabilities, handling incoming and outgoing activities for tracking, trending and investigating fraud, waste and abuse issues. Our work products are thoroughly documented and secure for easy, effective resolutions. Help line solutions enable customers a safe harbor for seeking assistance and provides a forum for discussion regarding policies and solutions.


Need to know what works best for your employees? your customers?  Qlarant helps identify the strengths and weaknesses in your organization in an easy, systematic process.  Our subject matter experts craft surveys designed to illicit valuable data vital to the transportation industry, enabling organizations to prioritize and address the most important issues.


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Quality Improvement

For more than 50 years, Qlarant has led the way as a quality improvement innovator. Our QI and national high reliability experience solutions are at work in every state in the nation. Learn More.

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Subject matter experts and data scientists make Qlarant’s technology solutions powerful, practical, and customized to work for your team, from the boardroom to the field. Learn More.

Qlarant Capital

Qlarant Capital is bringing its expertise and collaborative approach to fund and strengthen selected early stage start-ups.