Tammy Hypes

Project Manager
Portrait of Tammy Hypes

As a project manager/subject matter expert working with State contracts and solution development, Tammy Hypes provides guidance and subject matter expertise to weave into program integrity solutions for Qlarant clients and ongoing solution enhancement.  In her 30+ year government service career, Tammy has worked with several programs identifying and pursuing fraud, waste, and abuse.

Immediately prior to joining Qlarant in 2016, Tammy was the Program Integrity Director for Medicaid in the State of West Virginia during more than 20 years in supervision for various state agencies. During this period, Tammy successfully led teams and projects relating to Medicaid and fraud programs and audits, policy modification, and educational materials for provider presentations and newsletters.

Tammy’s State experience includes working with several contractors from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) including Medi-Medi, Medicaid Integrity (MIC) Contracts, Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM), and state program integrity reviews. She led and provided guidance for the development of materials and presentations and circulated to relevant stakeholders to ensure timely and efficient implementation and correcting any findings with the appropriate parties. This experience encompassed oversight of managed care organizations to ensure appropriate monitoring of contractual requirements.

Tammy has continued to build upon her experience during her work at Qlarant. She has served as project manager over state contracts relating to Medicaid generally as well as currently supporting the Unified Program Integrity Contractor as a Subject Matter Expert (SME). She effectively works in a team setting to identifying program deficiencies for seven states and presenting State staff with recommendations to negate any identified vulnerabilities in policy, systems, or process. Tammy also leads the development of trainings and presentations for clients.