The Quest for a Partner in Quality Care

Woman holds hand of a man in fatigues staring into his eyesQlarant has subject matter experts with deep knowledge of your specific field of endeavor in order to identify what’s working, what’s not, and reveal opportunities for improvement. Qlarant employs powerful technology to sift through massive data sets to perform highly complex assessments and give you an unprecedented ability to take decisive, evidence-based action.

Let us help you create a positive impact that will drive strategic performance goals and sustain gains to advance the quest for quality.


Maintain Integrity Through Expanded Choice

VA operates the largest integrated health care delivery system in America. The Department provides a broad range of primary care, specialized care, and related medical and social support services.

Qlarant has enabled government and commercial clients to stay ahead of fraud and bad actors. Our algorithms generate actionable leads for providers and suppliers with greater than 90% accuracy rating. Qlarant solutions include:

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  • Auditing
  • Monitoring
  • Investigation
  • Predictive modeling


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Innovate, Integrate, Transform

As a data insight partner, Qlarant enables Innovation, Agile Integration, and Business Transformation through:

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  • Developing, abstracting, and validating measures
  • Designing and developing hard-copy and electronic tools for capturing data
  • Analyzing both public and private health sector data
  • Implementing best practices for quality improvement
  • Creating customized solutions for facility quality improvement
  • Training diverse groups on quality improvement methods and models
  • Deploying and managing field staff effectively
  • Delivering easy, smooth contract implementation through solid organizational back-end infrastructure
  • Rendering superb customer service needed to meet evolving client needs
  • Providing customers with timely, accurate deliverables

The development of data insight is what enables a qualified data partner like Qlarant to uncover risks and solve complex, real-world problems. All for the benefit of the veterans you serve.

Quality Improvement

Qlarant QI Solutions uncover risks and solve complex, real-world problems critical to the VA: Managed Care, Utilization Management, Health Disparity, Disability, Training and Education, Data Analytics and Reporting, Nursing Facility, and Behavioral Health Solutions.

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Qlarant provides a range of FWA services including auditing, monitoring, and consulting. Our team is unmatched in experience with predictive modeling, investigation, and auditing as well as medical and claims review; compliance and due diligence; enrollment monitoring and analysis; and hearings and appeals.

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Data Science and Technology

Qlarant’s team of data scientists, statisticians, software developers, and designers are on the forefront of delivering intelligent technology solutions. We provide VA business transformation solutions that are innovative, intuitive, and easy-to-use. Our process improvement and service capabilities are considerable and well recognized.

Agile Transformation

Move forward past compartmentalization and see why Agile is the here and now of world-class agencies. Discover how Qlarant’s certified experts can transform your processes and shape your culture using the Agile APH Performance Model.


Why Qlarant?

Experience: Qlarant is a national leader in healthcare quality improvement, program integrity, risk management, and innovative technology solutions. Founded in 1973 as one of the first Quality Improvement Organizations (QIO) for Medicare and Medicaid, we work with federal, state, and commercial entities whose programs reach every corner of the nation.

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People + Technology: Highly qualified staff of experienced data analysts, respected quality improvement experts, and connections to several SDVOSBs with VA IT system expertise make Qlarant the perfect combination of people and technology. Our experienced and qualified management team, backed by operational and technical experts combine to drive VA transformation.

Trust: Qlarant is a trusted partner for businesses, organizations, agencies, and individuals across the country. Our history of face-to-face, personalized interactions with our clients along with ongoing customer support has earned Qlarant a reputation for quality and integrity in the industry for over 45 years.


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The Quest for Quality

VA Transformation Initiatives:
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