RIViR® – A Low-code, No-code Software Platform that Quickly Delivers Low-cost, Low-risk Services

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Enabling organizations to deploy custom applications simpler, faster, and cheaper.

Policy shifts, changes in law, and changes in society all impact the types of service and delivery of service for federal and state agencies. Most business solution software deployed by federal and state agencies are custom developed and have been around for many years. Sometimes, decades. Changes to custom software solutions can be costly, challenging to implement, and a risk to crucial government services. Low-code, no-code software platforms provide a way for government agencies to quickly deliver services to their constituents in a low-cost, low-risk, and low-impact manner.

This white paper details how Qlarant’s flagship solution, RIViR®, provides a set of tools that can help government agencies provide much needed services quickly and inexpensively by building custom applications using minimal code. Click to continue reading the white paper.

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