Qlarant Foundation provides $35,000 to Warriors Against Addiction

posted on May 30, 2024 by Lisa Blanchfield

Program Provides Health Care for the Uninsured


Success Stories LogoQlarant Foundation provided Worcester Goes Purple (WGP) Warriors Against Addiction a grant of $35,000 for the current grant program year. A primary goal of Warriors Against Addiction is to support economic stability for those transitioning from rehabilitation facilities and to educate the community in ways to reinforce recovery versus addiction. This Boots-on-the-Ground program supports the “four legs” of long-term recovery: Home, Health, Purpose, and Community.

“WGP Warriors are committed to decreasing deaths caused by homelessness, substance abuse, and mental health issues in the tri-county area of the Lower Eastern Shore,” said Deborah A. Smullen, WGP President.

Located in Berlin, Maryland, WGP serves the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland. “The Pay it Forward program benefits from Qlarant’s grant money,” continued Smullen. “Our programs will train individual Peers (those with lived experience) to work with those struggling with substance abuse and mental health conditions to improve their life. The training will consist of 25 supervision hours by a MD Certified Peer Supervisor per enrolled student, classes to obtain the 45 hours of approved hours of education, assistance with completing the state enrollment, and test preparation for the state exam. This year we have added the opportunity for GED classes and assistance for those who want to complete their education. In March of 2023 the Maryland Medicaid System recognized Maryland Certified Peer Services as a billable service in some medical settings. By providing the training and help with certification, we will give new meaning and purpose to their valuable skill of lived experience.”

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