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posted on October 29, 2019 by Glennda Moragne El
Josh, Chrissy, and their 5 children

Josh, Chrissy, and their 5 children were living in a shed before they found Deep Roots.

Success Stories LogoDeep Roots was founded in 2012 to offer transitional housing and related services to families with minor children experiencing homelessness. In addition to immediate and longer-term shelter, the organization works to provide daily meals, basic needs, extensive case management, and intensive support services.

As a part of their mission to end homelessness, one child at a time and one family at a time, the organization strives to show their clients that homelessness is not their destiny. Deep Roots helps them to not only “get back on their feet” and return to healthy productive lives, but also break the generational cycle of homelessness.

Through their “From Homeless to Healthy” project, Deep Roots works to improve the health and overall well-being of both individuals and communities by making sure that families get access to the medical and mental health services they need. Located in Earleville, Maryland the organization provides essential services to the region’s poorest and most disenfranchised families with children. Without Deep Roots, these families would not otherwise be able to access the help and support services they desperately need. The project assists approximately 100 individuals annually. Once able to move back into the community, Deep Roots extends services to their alumni families. Currently, approximately 200 individuals are actively participating in the programs.

Deep Roots logoThe organization also supports the “Sprouts” after school program. It focuses on enhancing and promoting academic as well as social skills, and instilling in the children with the belief that they are capable human beings with a bright future ahead of them. The program provides tutoring, mentoring, and assistance with homework and is staffed by volunteer mentors and tutors.

Deep Roots provides much needed and well appreciated services to the community. The grateful families who have benefitted from its programs have shared their Success Stories.

Success Story #1

Undiagnosed and untreated health issues had taken a major toll on Josh and Chrissy. They found themselves living in a shed with their five children. Josh After making their way to safety, support, and shelter at Deep Roots, Josh was diagnosed with multiple serious health issues including diabetes and multiple clogged coronary arteries.

Through Deep Roots, the family received not only housing, food, and clothing, but also were connected to medical services. Josh was able to get the medical attention he needed, including access to a proper diet, heart surgery, and a cardiac nurse as his mentor. His nurse is a Deep Roots volunteer.

Josh, Chrissy, and their 5 children
Josh, Chrissy, and their 5 children

UPDATE!  The school-aged kids are now enrolled in school and thriving. Each of the older kids have Deep Roots mentors and one of the boys is enrolled in an extra-curricular football league. Both Josh and Chrissy are involved in Deep Roots’ career programs, and are making progress towards their goals, dreams, and a brighter future!

A message from Josh: “I want to start this off by thanking the people at Deep Roots, the people that show my family that there’s hope. There are people willing to help when you come from such a dark place and a hole so deep that you can’t even see the light. I am just now starting to feel the change in my life. More than I ever dreamed of, my goal is to better myself and meet the needs my family. Deep Roots makes that possible. Hopefully, other people and the community will see all the doors and walks of life Deep Roots has shown us. It will prove that there is hope and we can all work together. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family. You all saved my life.”

Success Story #2

Nikki holding baby Alahni
Nikki holding baby Alahni

Nikki, who has a 4-month old daughter, Alahni, was also struggling with major dental issues and was in severe physical pain. Baby Alahni was behind on her shots.

“Before coming to Deep Roots, life was chaotic, very chaotic and stressful for sure. We were living in the car for a while.” – Nikki

After coming to Deep Roots, Nikki was provided with weekly therapy sessions with a licensed therapist that she describes as “beyond helpful.” By addressing both Nikki’s physical and mental health needs, this family is back on track and on the road to good health and happiness!


“We are so pleased to have the opportunity to support Deep Roots”, said Dr. Molly Burgoyne-Brian, Chair Qlarant Foundation Board of Directors. “We’ve been impressed by the range of services that are provided to these families. The individual attention the Deep Roots staff and volunteers provide to these families is so crucial to stopping the cycle of homelessness.”

This year, Deep Roots received a $20,000 grant from the Qlarant Foundation. You can read more about Deep Roots by visiting their grantee profile page.

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