Current Grantees

Summary of Qlarant Grant Awards ~ 2019 – 2020 Grant Cycle

New Grantees

Camp Attaway — Award Amount: $30,000

Camp Attaway was founded in 1998 with a mission to nurture the mind, the body and the spirit of children who are at-risk because of an inability to manage their emotions and behaviors. Camp Attaway operates a therapeutic summer program that provides children with individually tailored programs that promote learning and new ways of expressing themselves.

The aim is to achieve growth and a better understanding of self and others at home, in school, and in the community while having fun. The organization also supports families by providing parent education and support groups conducted by a child psychologist. As a result, caregivers are better equipped to manage their child’s challenging behaviors that often include aggression to self and others.

Deep Roots — Award Amount: $20,000

Deep Roots operates “From Homeless to Healthy” which is a housing and self-sufficiency services project. The project serves homeless families with minor children and provides them with immediate as well as long-term shelter, three daily meals, basic needs and intensive support services.

These services include transportation, access to medical and mental health services, educational training, tutoring, and mentoring services. The organization also operates the “Sprouts” after school program for children. It focuses on enhancing academic and social skills, and instilling in the children the belief that they are capable human beings with a bright future ahead of them.

Helping Up Mission — Award Amount: $25,000

Helping Up Mission provides hope to people experiencing homelessness, poverty or addiction by meeting their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. Qlarant Foundation’s grant will fund access to health care through the Health Insurance Services and Oral Health Care program.

This program targets people participating in long-term residential addiction recovery programs at Helping Up Mission. Clients participating in Helping Up Mission’s Spiritual Recovery Program, Graduate Spiritual Recovery Program, Graduate Transitional Housing Program and the Indefinite Three-Quarter Supportive Housing Program will receive oral health care.

Kinera Foundation — Award Amount: $30,000

The mission of the Kinera Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for children with special healthcare needs and their families across the lifespan through its Youth in Transition and Adult Program. When individuals with special needs reach age 21-22, they are no longer eligible to receive services through special education programs.

Kinera provides these individuals with special healthcare needs a safe and comfortable space to develop important self-care, home, community, wellness and employment skills that are essential for independent living.

Rebuilding Together – Caroline County — Award Amount: $4,000

Rebuilding Together, Caroline County makes critical home accessibility modifications and repairs of private homes for disabled clients. The work includes building ramps and bathroom accessibility remodeling. Qlarant Foundation has provided a gift of $4,000 to be used for materials and to hire licensed MHIC independent contractors to do the work. Rebuilding Together’s mission is to enable members of the community to live independently and in comfort.

The Arc – Prince George’s County — Award Amount: $15,000

The Arc of Prince George’s County’s “Ready 2B Healthy” project focuses on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The project facilitates a successful medical transition for youth graduating high school and ensures that they are accessing benefits to which they are entitled and that are critical to maintaining good health. By providing health care information and support for individuals during the transition, Ready 2B Healthy improves their quality of life and promotes consumer centered decision-making.

Previously Funded Grantees

Access Carroll, Inc. — Award Amount: $10,000

Access Carroll initiated the Integrated Pharmaceutical Program in 2006 and has been successful in reducing disease exacerbations and avoidable hospital admissions with the most at-risk and vulnerable populations. Qlarant Foundation’s gift will support their general programming providing care for patients who are uninsured, underinsured, or receive public assistance.

Breast Care for Washington, DC — Award Amount: $40,000

Breast Care for Washington, DC was founded in 2012 in response to the breast cancer mortality rate in the nation’s capital. The organization promotes access to breast cancer screening, diagnostics and treatment for all women regardless of their ability to pay. These robust efforts eliminate as many barriers to screening as possible faced by the high-risk target population.  Qlarant Foundation’s grant defrays direct costs of providing mammograms to uninsured women.

Breast Care for Washington, DC (BCW) is launching a new mobile mammography program while continuing support for the fixed-site mammography program. The organization is committed to reducing breast cancer mortality in the Washington, DC area by promoting access to breast cancer screening, diagnostics and treatment to all women regardless of their ability to pay. By ensuring that as many women as possible are able to access mammography screenings, BCW seeks to detect cancers in the earliest stages possible, when it is highly treatable resulting in the best health outcomes possible.

Community Reach of Montgomery County — Award Amount: $25,000

Community Reach of Montgomery County was established in 1967 with a mission to improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable of Montgomery County residents by providing them with basic health and human services and advocating on their behalf, with the goal of helping them achieve and maintain self-sufficiency.

Community Reach of Montgomery County’s Mansfield Kaseman Health Clinic provides quality healthcare and healthcare education to Montgomery County’s medically underserved adults. Qlarant Foundation’s grant provides partial salary support for bilingual staff to increase access to culturally and linguistically appropriate health care services to the un-served and under-served and improve patients’ understanding of health issues.

Eastern Shore Wellness Solutions, Inc. — Award Amount: $25,000

Qlarant Foundation supports Eastern Shore Wellness Solutions’ efforts to expand its Community Health Outreach Workers Program to include self-management training for individuals living with chronic disease and provide follow-up to the “Living Well” evidence based program. The organization continues to provide care coordination for program participants and their primary care provider. It also is a resource for the social determinants of health, including housing, food and transportation.

Eastern Shore Wellness Solutions is expanding its Community Health Outreach Workers Program to cover Caroline County as well as Dorchester County. The program provides care coordination for English and Spanish speaking program participants and their primary care providers. The program focuses on families impacted by chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma.

For the last 13 years, this organization has administered the Minority Outreach and Technical Assistance Program which helps to ensure a productive partnership between minority communities, healthcare professionals and community leaders.

Girls in the Game — Award Amount: $10,000

Girls in the Game is committed to promoting the health and wellness of girls, educating them about alternatives to violence and strengthening underserved communities. Every girl has the opportunity to find her voice, discover her strength and lead with confidence through fun and active sports, and health and leadership programs. Qlarant Foundation funds support the After School Program in Baltimore City.

Girls in the Game’s evidence-based programming is designed to meet the needs of the whole girl by addressing her physical, emotional, and mental well-being. At the After School Program in Baltimore City, every girl finds her voice, discovers her strength and leads with confidence. The girls complete up to six three-week modules, each covering a different sport, health, and leadership topics. The curriculum addresses issues such as oral health, body image, bullying, personal safety, and diversity.

Grace Center for Maternal and Women’s Health — Award Amount: $15,000

Grace Center for Maternal and Women’s Health is a safe haven dedicated to improving the maternal health and well-being of women in the community. Project H.O.P.E. (Holistic Opportunities for Prevention and Education) addresses the current service gap for poverty-stricken and ill-informed women facing postpartum depression and/or addiction on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland. While continuing to address the need for early therapeutic mental health interventions, additional emphasis is on early screening and assessment for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

HASA — Award Amount: $10,000

The Hearing and Speech Agency has been serving greater Baltimore since 1926. It provides audiology, education, interpreting and speech-language services to enable effective communication for individuals and families.

HASA’s Charitable Care Fund provides for the purchase of hearing aids for low-income individuals who need audiology, speech therapy and/or occupational therapy services. The organization’s goal is to connect people to their worlds because there is an absolute need to understand and be understood. The Hearing and Speech Agency is often the only affordable option for low-income individuals who need audiology, speech therapy and occupational therapy services.

Miriam’s Kitchen — Award Amount: $25,000

Miriam’s Kitchen began as a soup kitchen in 1983 and has grown to be one of the few direct service agencies that also works to improve DC’s homeless services system. Its mission is to end chronic homelessness in Washington, DC by honoring guests’ dignity and encouraging a sense of belonging and bringing about lasting change.

Miriam’s Kitchen’s Social Services Program reduces barriers to medical and behavioral healthcare for District of Columbia residents who are experiencing prolonged homelessness and related complex health issues. As part of the implementation of the program, the organization invites their guests to the dining room for a meal and provides them a wide range of essential services from clean clothes and toiletries to mail pickup and voice mail.

Mission of Mercy — Award Amount: $25,000

Mission of Mercy began operations in the central Maryland/Pennsylvania region in 1994 with the express intention of restoring dignity through the provision of quality healthcare and medications for the sick, poor and homeless. Its mission is to restore dignity and “healing through Love” at mobile clinics, providing free health care and medications.

Qlarant Foundation’s grant will support the Mission of Mercy’s free mobile dental clinic. The clinic provides fillings and extractions to uninsured and underinsured patients. The patients are predominantly individuals who are not eligible for other free, charitable or sliding scale clinics. Culturally and linguistically appropriate services are provided by a team of community-based volunteers who serve as dentists, interpreters, and administrative and hospitality workers.

Shepherd’s Clinic — Award Amount: $15,000

Shepherd’s Clinic provides health care and wellness services to underserved adults in Baltimore City who cannot afford commercial insurance, yet do not qualify for government assistance. The Behavioral Health Program is the core component of the clinic’s day-to-day operations. It is expanding to provide primary care opioid treatment. In addition to medication therapy for opioid use disorders, routine and special diagnostic procedures, and toxicology tests, patients will be required to receive psychiatric and psychological assessments and treatment.

University Legal Services, Inc. — Award Amount: $25,000

The mission of University’s Legal Services is to protect the human, legal and service rights of DC residents with disabilities through legal services, advocacy for access to quality services and investigations into abuse and neglect. University’s Legal Services’ Jail and Prison Advocacy Project promotes access to community-based health care and behavioral health care by DC residents with psychiatric disabilities who have been recently incarcerated in DC and throughout the country in Federal Bureau of Prison facilities. The Qlarant Foundation’s grant funds a portion of the salary for the Reentry Advocate.

University of Maryland Medical System Foundation Breathmobile — Award Amount: $40,000

The mission of the Breathmobile program is to provide free asthma specialty care services to underserved Baltimore City children, with the goal of controlling their chronic, incurable medical condition and enabling them to stay in school and lead full, productive lives.

Qlarant Foundation continues support for the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital Breathmobile Program. The University of Maryland Medical System Foundation received the annual Goldgeier Award for the Breathmobile Program. The Breathmobile provides free treatment and preventive care to high- risk underserved children with asthma that results in improvement in asthma outcomes. These outcomes include decreased hospitalizations, decreased emergency department visits, increased use of preventive asthma treatments, improved school attendance and improved quality of life.