Spring: A Time for Renewal

Springtime is finally here. I’m inspired to pause and reflect on what has been and look forward to everything that’s to come. My inspiration could have come from the warmer weather, the return of cherry blossoms to Washington, DC, or the marketing team prodding me for an article highlighting how Qlarant innovation ties into themes of spring and renewal. Regardless of where my inspiration comes from, there’s a lot to be excited about.

AI’s Renewal

Thanks to ChatGPT and Bard, a 1950s technology concept finally hits the mainstream. Mathematicians, software guys, and data nerds used to rule the AI realm. Well, they still do, but now everyone is using some form AI and machine learning. After decades of overpromising and brittle smart systems, cheap graphics processors and clever math techniques made image recognition and natural language comprehension possible for computers. Today, high school students are using AI to write essays and generate rap music.

Sprouting Circuit Board

The inner working of AI and Large Language Models (“LLMs”) have entered the public discourse. Companies are sprouting up overnight trying to cram GPT and Bard technologies into apps, devices, and appliances. The technology is moving so fast that the ethical implications remain unclear. Philosophers are pondering if Bard and ChatGPT have inner dialogue. Ethicists are wondering if AIs have agency.

AI’s renewal will change humanity forever. Previous and current digital systems are brittle. We frequently bend to the whims of poor software user experiences. Even though the future is uncertain, the prospect of AI improving human experience and working on behalf of humanity is exciting.

Qlarant Turns 50

Qlarant 50th Anniversary logo in goldQlarant began the year marching to a new beat. In 2023, we celebrated our 50th anniversary.  Surrounded by friends, colleagues, and VIPs Qlarant took a glance back at our Bright Past. We’ve always used innovation and technology to create the best outcomes for our customers. Our passion to lead and be at the forefront also creates opportunities for our communities.

The company from Maryland’s Eastern Shore is a local leader with a nationwide reach delivering solutions for Medicare and Medicaid. Qlarant has recovered billions for taxpayers, donated millions to small non-profits, and continues to drive economic change in the region.

While we took a glance at our Bright Past, we now gaze into our Brilliant Future fueled by ingenuity, our passion for new ways of thinking, and building next generation technology.

RIViR 2.0 Leads the Way with New Opportunity

RIViR Vertical Logo50 years of subject matter expertise and AI technology converged at a time when Qlarant released the latest version of our risk intelligence solution. RIViR is swept up in this spirit of renewal. LLMs are powerful beyond generating text. These tools create new possibilities for inspecting narratives and data. Program Integrity professionals can use GPT technologies to automate intent detection and extract pertinent details in addition to summarizing information.

Gaze with me into the brilliance of spring, and a time for renewal. Just as AI enters the public discourse, Qlarant is working with strategic partners to bring our subject matter expertise to the cloud. Our strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services has been essential to bringing RIViR and its underlying technology safely and securely to the cloud. AWS SaaS Factory professionals and Qlarant are bringing the benefits of risk intelligence and data analytics to a broader audience. We’re ready to start something new. You’re welcome to join us.

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