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When the words anthropology and business are put together, most people might find it hard to draw connections between the two. At least it took me a long time to reconcile the competing logics between them as I was getting a graduate degree in each. My anthropological background makes me sensitive to humanity and the cultural aspects of life, while my business and IT experience allows me to converse topics that are ubiquitous in today’s age.

Getting graduate degrees in these disciplines has also equipped me with the ability to decipher research puzzles that academics spend their life studying. Researchers have the capability to ask hard questions and explore uncharted territory, all using their curiosity. While this is all good, how can the knowledge transfer to our daily life? Many media outlets are doing this heavy lifting: the NASA channel on Verge.com and Science Friday from NPR are just some examples.

What I will be trying to do here is hand pick some top-notch academic articles on Health IT that are relevant to the broad mission of Health Integrity and explain how they are conducted using layman language. Creativity is an important path to the advancement of humanity and personal happiness, and in my mind, research is one of the most creative processes. I hope that my efforts assist readers like you to get to know more about academic research, with a focus on Health IT.

I am not trying to convince everyone that these research articles represent truth. The post-modernism in anthropology has told me long time ago that there isn’t one absolute truth out there. Rather, I will share with you a perspective and some facts on a social/economic/cultural phenomenon in Health IT that some researchers have provided based on their rigorous research. It is up to you as a reader to draw your own conclusion based on your experience.

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