Qlarant Inc. Announces the Launch of Qlarant Capital

posted on July 12, 2022

Qlarant Capital logoEaston, MD.  July 12, 2022—Qlarant Inc., a national company offering healthcare solutions and tech-enabled services, announced today the formation of Qlarant Capital, a for-profit corporate venture capital arm of the parent company Qlarant, Inc.

Qlarant Capital is led by Qlarant Inc. CEO Dr. Ron Forsythe, Jr. along with other C-suite executives, many of whom are former founders/operators of successful technology companies and have expertise in healthcare programs, product development, data science, machine learning engineering, and corporate operations.

“We aim to bring meaningful business relationships to our portfolio companies and are committed to help them achieve best possible growth” says Holly Pu, Vice President of New Product Development. “Since 1973, Qlarant’s stellar reputation has created relationships and partnerships across many facets of healthcare, from government to private industry. We can provide entrepreneurs with access to expertise and insights, and help fill gaps in capabilities.”

Founded in 1973, Qlarant began as a Professional Standards Review Organization (PSRO) on the Eastern Shore of Maryland—specifically to monitor healthcare services covered by federal and state programs. Building on its long history of expertise and experience in healthcare programs, Qlarant expanded from a small regional company to a national organization responsible for ensuring the effectiveness and integrity of some of the nation’s most important public services.

“With our 50 years’ experience in the healthcare and technology industries, launching Qlarant Capital is a natural extension of our core business,” said Qlarant CEO Ron Forsythe, Jr, PhD. “We are excited to bring our capital and expertise to selected early stage start-ups and to support them building a bright future. We are positioned to be a strategic value-add investor”.

Qlarant’s CFO Dana Fidler continues: “Qlarant continues to invest in people and ideas—a combination that has been successful for us as a healthcare and technology company for decades. Creating Qlarant Capital strengthens our growth strategy by enabling us to expand into new markets, create partners, invest in innovative companies, and enter the private equity market.”


About Qlarant

For almost 50 years, Qlarant has been at the forefront of driving innovation, improvement and change in the healthcare industry. With an annual revenue of $80M and over 500 employees, Qlarant has established a national footprint across all sectors in the healthcare industry.

Qlarant is a dynamic, growing company that has launched numerous projects at a national level, and provides best-in-class advanced analytics software for hundreds of health plans nationwide. Qlarant has a successful track record of accomplishment improving the performance of some of the nation’s most important public service programs.

Current subsidiaries include Qlarant Integrity Solutions, Qlarant Quality Solutions, and the Qlarant Foundation. The Foundation provides over $400,000 annually to charities throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia.

For more information regarding Qlarant Capital, contact Holly Pu, VP of New Product Development, puh@Qlarant.com. For more information regarding Qlarant Inc., visit www.qlarant.com or contact Pat Boos boosp@qlarant.com

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