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Maryland Comptroller Visits Health Integrity to Discuss Efforts to Reduce Health Care Fraud and Abuse

posted on June 28, 2013

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Sandy Love, President
Health Integrity, LLC

Meets with Senior Staff and Board Members to Generate Ideas

Easton, Maryland—June 25, 2013—Peter Franchot, Comptroller of the State of Maryland, visited with the Health Integrity, LLC’s President, Sandy Love; members of the Board of Directors; and senior members of her management team to discuss the company’s efforts detecting and reducing health care fraud and abuse. The Health Integrity group briefed Mr. Franchot about the important work that national company—headquartered in Easton, Maryland—is conducting in Medicare and Medicaid program integrity as a contractor for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). He was particularly interested in the work that Health Integrity is doing to help conserve Maryland’s limited Medicaid resources for those truly in need of those services. Under the Medicaid Integrity Contracts (MIC), Health integrity reviews claims submitted by providers for potential fraud and abuse. The company also identifies diverted and illicit drugs that are covered by its Medicare Drug Integrity Contract (MEDIC).

Health Integrity is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quality Health Strategies and serves the entire nation in an effort to protect the fiscal and clinical integrity of healthcare systems in the communities we serve through a broad range of innovative services. “Through our visit with Mr. Franchot, we hope to make a critical connection with the State,” said Sandy Love. “We discussed many of our innovative strategies including our new Predictive Modeling Solution as some of the ways we use technology and data analysis to combat fraud, waste, and abuse and conserve healthcare resources for those that are needed most”

Health Integrity’s parent company, QHS, recently broke ground to build a new corporate headquarters building in Easton, Maryland. “QHS and our subsidiary companies are committed to a long-term relationship with the Town of Easton and the State of Maryland,” said Dr. Fredia Wadley, QHS CEO and President. “Our company has been looking out for the best interests of the people in Maryland since 1973, and we are looking forward serving the public for many more years.” This construction will combine the two offices in Easton into one. QHS employs approximately 420 people across the country with 240 associates occupying 5 offices in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

The meeting concluded with Mr. Franchot asking Ms. Love and her senior staff to keep him informed of HI’s ongoing efforts.

FranchotMeetingMr. Peter Franchot, Comptroller of the State of Maryland (Center) met with board members and senior staff of Health Integrity, LLC at their Easton, Maryland office. Pictured from Left: Joshua Roberson, Chairman; Doug Quave, Sr. Vice President; Jamie Garner, Board Member; Sandy Love, President; Peter Franchot, Comptroller of Maryland; Margaret Welch, Board Member; Sam Trippe, Member of the Voting Trust; Marguerite E. Walsh, Secretary/Treasurer; and Jaysen Eisengrein, Sr. Vice President. (photo QHS)

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