Is Your Organization Ready for Agile APH® Assessment?

Leaders who have made the decision to shift their organization’s culture to Agile choose to integrate the Agile APH® model. Demonstrate to your clients that your team is serious about company-wide Agile with an Agile APH certification. Whether just starting out, or have the C-suite and various departments on board, it’s time to make the move to Agile APH Assessment. Customers want proof that you can provide what they need quickly and effectively.  The Agile Assessment will identify your Agile level and provide guidelines for improvement.

Assessment enables organizations to achieve their first Performance Level and be listed as certifiedQlarant Agile Performance Gap Analysis and Assessment Readiness Consulting ensures your company is prepared for certification. The APH Agile Assessment Method is an observation-based process that focuses on improving performance in preparation for Agile Certification. Assessment enables organizations the opportunity to achieve their first Performance Level and be listed as certified in the AgileCxO assessed organization directory.

When your organization is ready to objectively evaluate your Agile capability, Qlarant will assess organizational performance benchmarks in six categories against three performance levels: Adopting, Transforming, and Mastering.  The assessment level your team achieves is a differentiator for comparison with other companies in your industry.

Adopting, Transforming, and Mastering Certification logos

Let’s talk about staying at the top of your field and growing your client base by achieving the industry’s leading organizational mark of Agility: AgileCxO.

Why the Agile APH® Model?

Clients expect success and they don’t want to wait for it. With Agile methods, 37% of projects get to

market faster than regular projects. Agile Transformation enables companies to harness change for their customer’s advantage. The Best Results come from self-organizing teams. By optimizing processes in an Agile culture, your organization can improve delivery time and reduce costs. 67% of organizations with high overall agility complete projects within budget.

Why Qlarant?67% of organizations with high overall agility complete projects within budget.

Experience: Qlarant has been in the Quality Improvement business for 45 years. By combining our QI knowledge with the AgileCxO Agile Performance Holarchy, we offer a unique and powerful perspective that no other group can provide.

Hands-on Training: Our onsite training enables your group to learn and begin their transformation in a familiar and comfortable environment and allows the process to move quickly without sacrificing quality.

Trust: Qlarant is a trusted partner for businesses, organizations, agencies, and individuals across the country. Our history of face-to-face, personalized interactions with our clients along with ongoing customer support has earned Qlarant a reputation for quality and integrity in the industry.

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Let's Talk About Agile Assessment

How can Qlarant ensure your team passes its AgileCxO assessment?