Our Certified Agile Performance Holarchy® trainers prepare your organization for Agile Transformation.

The Agile Performance Holarchy® (APH) performance model is founded on research done with hundreds of Agile teams to ensure leaders have the tools and confidence they need to transform their organizations to large-scale Agile cultures. Qlarant APH experts are certified to train the C-suite as well as all of the divisions in your organization to make the shift to the high-trust Agile environment necessary in today’s businesses. Qlarant provides a tailored road map that guides you every step of the way to get you where you want to be as an organization.

Qlarant trainers ensure that your organization is prepared for the AgileCxO certification process.Change can be challenging for both well established and new businesses, no matter how large or small. Qlarant’s scalable APH training meets your company’s needs and ensures there are no gaps, no questions unanswered, and no one is left behind as a part of your organization’s transformation. Our trainers are good – really good. Qlarant training sessions are interesting, informative, interactive, and inclusive. Every member of your team will come away with the confidence they need to transition to large-scale Agile.

During Agile Performance training, your team will learn about the Agile Performance Holoarchy® – a how-ability model that provides Agile leaders and teams with an operating system to build, evaluate, and sustain great Agile habits and behaviors. The APH is based on a set of interdependent, self-organizing holons. Holons are entities that are simultaneously whole and part of a larger whole. The APH includes:

• Performance Circles – Discreet sets of behaviors essential to successfully adopting, transforming, and mastering large-scale Agile performance – All circles should be completed to demonstrate mastery
• Holons – 18 independent sets of actions and outcomes that should be implemented in the APH
• Objectives – As listed in each holon, objectives can be met by applying Agile values
• Actions – Specific behaviors required to meet objectives – APH indicates Agile ceremonies and techniques to meet the intent of these actions
• Ceremonies/Techniques – Sets of possible methods that can meet the intent of actions

Qlarant Certified Trainers work to ensure that your organization is prepared to progress through the AgileCxO certification process. From Adopting, to Transforming, to Mastering – Qlarant will be your guide, assuring your team’s successful transition to a fully Agile organization.

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