Qlarant Certified Agile Performance Holarchy® Experts guide your organization at each stage on the path to mastering the APH model.

Making the decision to transform your business to Agile may be the right one, and Qlarant understands that re-imagining your entire organization isn’t a small task. The Qlarant AgileCxO Coaching solution is designed to be the bridge between each level of training to completing your company’s APH assessment.

The Qlarant AgileCxO Coaching solution is your company's bridge between each level of training and APH Assessment

The Agile Performance Holarchy® (APH) performance model is founded on research done with hundreds of agile teams to ensure leaders have the tools and confidence they need to transform their organizations to large-scale Agile cultures. Qlarant APH experts are certified to coach C-suite teams on their path to a high-trust Agile environment. Qlarant provides customized feedback and guidance that keeps your team on the path to get to where you want to be as an organization.

Whether your company is just beginning the transformation to Agile or is making the leap between assessment levels, Qlarant Agile Transformation Coaching will be there to provide answers, guidance, and clear instructions on how to achieve your goals.

Qlarant Agile Transformation Coaching works with you to:

• Improve assessment scores
• Guide pacing to ensure eager organizations don’t skip key steps to transformation
• Ensure a high-trust, Empirical Process Control culture
• Learn and adopt best practices for a truly Agile organization
• Address survey results using Agile methods to help business goals

Our APH Coaches are individuals who are certified to provide Coaching for Agile leaders using the APH Model with the goal of mastering organizational Agile performance. We train the trainers, enabling them to spread Agile to every corner of your business and avoid the pitfalls of incomplete Agile adoption.

Companies who fail to fundamentally change their culture to Agile have reported that after 15 years of Agile attempts:

• 63% still have corporate philosophies that conflict with core Agile values
• 45% lack management support

Qlarant AgileCxO Coaching is tailored to your needs and enables everyone to get on the same pageQlarant Coaching is designed to your company’s needs and enables everyone to get on the same page, optimizing performance and improving user acceptance. The heart of the APH model is designed to ensure that every part of your organization is reached, every leader is on board, and the culture change is complete. We work with leaders who trust their organization to work together in order to ensure a successful path through the Agile APH certification process. From Adopting, to Transforming, to Mastering – Qlarant will be your guide to a fully Agile organization.

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