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Companies, organizations, and government agencies are turning to Agile to improve customer satisfaction, speed delivery of value, and increase the quality of their results. We know something about quality after 45 years in the industry.

Qlarant delivers customized Agile Performance Holarchy (APH)® assessment, coaching, and training services. As a licensed AgileCxO Transformation Partner, Qlarant provides solutions to solve complex organizational structure problems, moving your entire program forward as an Agile entity.

Leaders know that Agile is the right choice but often struggle with organizational transformation. You’ve sent your top staff to Agile training.  Some have become Scrum Masters.  Some may even have embraced and implemented the methods across their department.  But is your entire company Agile?  You’re not alone! Few companies are effectively using Agile across their entire organization. Get ahead of the competition and let us take your business to the next stage to win contracts and build strong partnerships with customers.

Did you know?

  • 80% of teams are below ‘mature’ Agile levels

  • 63% of companies have leadership that manage in conflict with Agile values.

  • 60% of organization have less than half of their team practicing agile.

  • 47% of teams lack experience with Agile methods and techniques

  • 45% of teams lack management support

Our holistic approach trains the organization to ensure that the Agile methodology is utilized across the business, not just in silos. Qlarant prepares large organizations to deploy, sustain, and evaluate large-scale Agile. Qlarant guides your company using a top-down and bottom-up approach with clearly defined objectives, outcomes, and actions organized by performance level, with guidance for most popular Agile ceremonies and techniques.

The Agile Performance Holarchy® (APH) powered by Qlarant compliments CMMI, ISO 9001, and PMBOK that your company may already have in place. Our training, coaching, and assessment frees leaders to focus on strategy by establishing a high-trust culture enabling products and services to reach the market faster and stay within budget more often than standard projects. The APH is a how-ability modeled operating system to build, evaluate, and sustain Agile habits and behaviors at the organizational level. At the foundation of the APH is a set of interdependent, self-organizing holons – actions and outcomes to implement that ensure mastery of organizational Agile performance. The APH includes: Performance Circles, Holons, Objectives, Actions, and Ceremonies/Techniques.

As an Agile CxO Transformation Partner, Qlarant delivers the solution you need to make your ENTIRE organization Agile. Call 833.296.3146 or contact us today to begin your Agile Transformation.

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