Introducing the Agile Performance Holarchy®

The Agile Performance Holarchy (APH) is a best-practices performance model designed to help agile leaders and organizations successfully deploy, sustain, and evaluate large-scale agile.

The result of research with hundreds of agile organizations, the APH provides technology leaders with the guidance to model, evaluate, and improve agile performance with a clearly defined set of objectives, outcomes, and actions organized by performance level, and guide-rails for most popular agile ceremonies and techniques.

Agile Performance Holarchy® model showing 5 smaller circular holons surrounding a central holonAt the foundation of the APH is a set of interdependent, self-organizing holons – actions and outcomes to implement that ensure mastery of AgileCxO. The APH includes: Performance Circles, Holons, Objectives, Actions, and Ceremonies/Techniques.

Organizations can now benchmark Agile performance at three performance levels:  Adopting, Transforming, and Mastering. Achievements can be publicly recognized with a certification listed on AgileCxO’s Certified Organizations site.

The Agile Performance Holarchy is not a process, and does not replace agile frameworks like Scrum, XP, LeSS, DAD, or SAFe, but strengthens them by aligning leadership practices with Agile Best Practice behaviors.  The APH is also backwardly compatible with ISO 9001 and CMMI V2.0 Development, providing a path for Agile organizations wishing to expand their business with government and large corporate customers.

Leaders will use the Objectives, Actions, and Outcomes within the APH for clear guidance when evaluating and improving agile performance, and to lead teams to a resilient and scalable agile future.

As an Agile CxO Transformation Partner, Qlarant delivers the APH solution to make your ENTIRE organization Agile.

Why the Agile APH model?

Clients expect success and they don’t want to wait for it. With Agile methods, 37% of projects get to market faster than regular projects. The Agile Performance Holarchy enables companies to harness change for their customer’s advantage. The Best Results come from self-organizing teams. By optimizing processes in an Agile culture, your organization can improve delivery time and reduce costs. 67% of organizations with high overall agility complete projects within budget.

Why Qlarant?

Experience: Qlarant has been in the Quality Improvement business for 45 years. By combining our QI knowledge with the AgileCxO Agile Performance Holarchy, we offer a unique and powerful perspective that no other group can provide.

Hands-on Training: Our onsite training enables your group to learn and begin their transformation in a familiar and comfortable environment and allows the process to move quickly without sacrificing quality.

Trust: Qlarant is a trusted partner for businesses, organizations, agencies, and individuals across the country. Our history of face-to-face, personalized interactions with our clients along with ongoing customer support has earned Qlarant a reputation for quality and integrity in the industry.

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